MVVM - Going async with async command

4 minute read

We have been using async await for quite some time now. In this post we will see how to deal with async when using commands in the MVVM pattern.

Removing async void

5 minute read

When using async await we inevitably have to mark methods as async void. This leads to a lot of issues for programmers…

Cancel asynchronous operations in C#

6 minute read

Running asynchronous code is pretty easy with .NET and C#. As we sometimes need to cancel an ongoing asynchronous operation we will see, throughout this post...

Asynchronism - Faking latency

1 minute read

One recurring problem when we create an application using asynchronous calls is to test this asynchronism. We want to verify the behavior of our application ...

Asynchronisme - Simuler de la latence

1 minute read

Un des problèmes récurrents lorsque l’on développe une application contenant des opérations asynchrones est de tester cet asynchronisme. On souhaite vérifier...