About me

I am John Thiriet, a developer that had been mainly working with the Microsoft ecosystem since 2007. I am based in the wonderful city of Paris in France. I like chinese culture, learning languages, science-fiction books, adventure or role playing video games, music, travels, having a walk in natureā€¦

My experience

Fond of mobile development since it has all started, I have seen the opportunity to reuse my .NET skills when Windows Phone was released. I have worked on a lot of mobile applications for this platform before I went on with native iOS and Android development using Xamarin as a primary tool.

My experience does not stop on mobile though as I have been developing web services and APIs, SQL Stored Procedures, web applications, desktop applications or even video games in the past using various languages and technologies :

  • C# (ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, WinRT)
  • C++ (At school mainly)
  • PHP (Pre-2010)
  • PERL
  • HTML/CSS/Javascript (before all the fancy new stuff :))


Adhering to the ideas of software craftsmanship, I am continuously sharing my knowledge and looking for improving my skills. I have done and/or took part in a lot of talks, blog posts or publications.

My idea of a good software

I consider that a piece of software must not only be functional but, more importantly, it should be fast, responsive and easy to use.

Therefore here is what I try to achieve everytime I write or help others write code :

  • Clean a readable code
  • Optimized and performant code
  • Fast and responsive application
  • Flexible architecture
  • SOLID principles applied
  • Happy users !


My various contributions have been recognized by Microsoft and Xamarin. I was recognized as a Microsoft MVP from 2013 to 2020 and a Xamarin MVP from 2016 to its end.

Professional Biography

I often get asked for a full bio and photos for conferences. If you need them simply head to my Biography page.

About this site

Previously, I was using Wordpress for this blog. The version you are now using is entirely static and generated with Jekyll. It enables a better loading performance, less security issues and more importantly, this website source code is now on github which leads to a better control on the site versions.

I am using a slightly modified versions of the Minimal Mistakes by Michael Rose.


Interested about the licence applied for the code in this site ? The Licence is for you.


If you have questions or just wish to have a chat, sending me PM on Twitter or LinkedIn are the most efficient means :