About me

Hey ! I am John Thiriet, un geek among others based in Paris, France. I like chinese culture, learning languages, science-fiction books, adventure or role playing video games, music, having a walk in nature…

Since you are here you must have realized that I am a developer mainly working with the Microsoft ecosystem and Xamarin for mobile development.

Adhering to the ideas of software craftsmanship, I am continuously sharing my knowledge and looking for improving my skills in order to transform my code in what could be considered as an art form. In fact, I consider that a piece of software must not only be functional. More importantly, it should be fast, responsive and easy to use.

A good software DNA

  • Clean a readable code
  • Optimized and performant code
  • Fast and response application
  • Flexible architecture
  • SOLID principles applied
  • Pleases users !


My various contributions have been recognized by Microsoft and Xamarin which both gave me a MVP award. Thanks to them !

About this site

Previously, I was using Wordpress for this blog. The version you are now using is entirely static and generated with Jekyll. It enables a better loading performance, less security issues and more importantly, this website source code is now on github which leads to a better control on the site versions.

I am using a slightly modified versions of the Minimal Mistakes by Michael Rose. In order to deal with translations I used the great tutorials written by Sylvain Durand. Thanks to them for their great work !


If you have questions or just wish to have a chat, sending me PM on Twitter and LinkedIn are the most efficient means :

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